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Honey Rider played by Ursula Andress in Dr. No, 1962

Honey Rider played by Ursula Andress

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Ursula Andress was the original, and remains the quintessential Bond Girl, more than 45 years after she emerged from the ocean in Dr. No. In the movie, she played shell diver Honey Rider to Sean Connery’s James Bond and set the standard for future Bond Girls in terms of looks.

Honey Rider played by Ursula Andress

The scene in the movie in which she rises from the Caribbean seas wearing a white bikini swiftly became legendary, and in 2003 was voted number one in a “100 Greatest Sexy Moments,” survey in the UK by Channel 4. The bikini she wore was sold at auction in 2001 and fetched £35,000 ($56,000 US).

In the movie, Bond travels to Jamaica to find out why weird energy waves are interfering with missile launches. Like the many James Bond flicks afterwards, he has to fight assassins, sexy, but dangerous women, and in this case, a tarantula. With Honey Rider (and a CIA agent) he tracks down the headquarters of Dr. No, a mad scientist intent on achieving world domination.

Though Andress is widely considered to be the first “Bond Girl,” she was actually preceded in Dr. No by two other female characters: Eunice Gayson as “Sylvia Trench,” and Zena Marshall as “Miss Taro.” Andress was awarded a Golden Globe in 1964 as “New Star of the Year” for her work in Dr. No, despite the fact that her accent was so thick that her lines had to be dubbed by actress Nikki van der Zyl.

Andress also appeared as Vesper Lynd in the 1967 James Bond spoof called Casino Royale. Her voice was not overdubbed in that movie, and she went from being the first in a long line of Bond Girls to acting in numerous movies in Europe and America, including her role as Aphrodite in 1981’s Clash of the Titans.